Lunch at your desk again?

In one hour, we can scratch quite a few things off your to-do list. To see examples of what a virtual assistant or business manager can do in an hour, read on. Whether you need help getting your email marketing going, assistance in managing a project, management of an event, we’ll get right to work. […]

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Online Business Manager Nora Rubinoff

What if you could box up and delegate all your important technical and administrative tasks to a trusted partner?

boxWe free our clients to work on their high payoff activities, helping them achieve greater focus on running their business and generating revenue.  How may we help you gain productivity in your work day?

Do you need an online business manager, virtual assistant or a virtual professional?  Our certified Master Virtual Assistant services include online business management, project management, customer relationship management, systems and operation management, customized e-mail marketing campaigns, research and analysis, productivity enhancement, social media and new media support, WordPress blog creation and support, online reputation management and other virtual office services. Additionally, we offer affordable small business web design and web hosting including green and carbon neutral web hosting web site redesign and web site maintenance. Learn more about the scope of our VA business support services by viewing client profiles here. Learn more about our web services by viewing a summary of our virtual portfolio here. Contact us to view our expanded portfolio.

As an independent business owner, a virtual assistant or online business manager understands the needs of small business. With diverse skill sets and the latest equipment, OBMs and VAs effectively deliver off-site, outsourced business support at competitive prices. Allow the At Your Service Cincinnati “Virtual A Team” to take care of your details so that you can focus on your business.

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We Speak Mac and Windows!

laptopWe deliver our services on both the Mac and Windows platforms. We operate Windows in the Parallels, VMWare and native PC environments. We operate Mac OSX on both the PowerPC and the Intel platforms.

We collaborate with our colleagues and clients via GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, Skype, LogMeIn and Apple Remote desktop. Whether you have an Apple-based or a Windows-based office, we can help you today.

Why use an online business manager or virtual office assistant?

OBMs and VAs are virtual professionals that provide excellent off site business support when you need it. That means you aren’t paying for a full-time person in your office when you might not need one. You won’t have the expenses associated with a permanent employee like taxes, worker’s compensation, providing work space and equipment or the hassles associated with training and supervision.

A Trusted Advisor

trusted advisorWe work hard to be your Trusted Advisor every day. As David Maister, Charles H. Green and Rob Galford, authors of The Trusted Advisor teach, “the single greatest factor driving effective client relationships, including sales effectiveness, is the level of trust in the relationship.” At Your Service Cincinnati believes in creating value and building trust with our valued clientele and colleagues. You will find our award winning services and coaching professional, valued and unique within the industry.

Why are you doing everything yourself? Become more efficient by leveraging an online business manager or virtual assistant. Click here to read the article.