Video Conference

Video conference is a great way to get things done for distributed work teams.

Rachel Smith has a great blog post regarding video conference rules and etiquette, ala Roberts Rules of Order.  Her primary focuses are on reducing disorientation and building connections.

I’m most passionate about the importance of maintaining eye contact with the camera. It does a lot to reduce disorientation. Of course, it feels a little disorienting to you at first, but the other participants on the call will feel as though you’re looking at them.

Suggestions to add to Rachel’s list:

  1. Announce your name when you speak – at least the first time if all participants are on via video, and every time if there are some participants that cannot participate via video and are just dialed in instead.
  2. If you are unsure that all participants are familiar with the video conferencing method you are using, send a reminder email about an hour before the conference, with links for any apps they may need to install, dial-in credentials, and anything else they might need to get set up. This gives your participants time to install apps they may not run and work out any kinks.
  3. If your conference includes a web demonstration of any kind, move slowly. Realize that not everyone’s internet connection will be ideal, so move a little more slowly around a screen or in scrolling so that all participants have a chance to see.

Three video conference platforms I’ve been using quite a bit lately:

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