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Moleskine Travel Kit

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The Giddy Up! blog by Erik Lane wrote about Moleskine that it was “one of those words that you see more than you hear (like emoticon).”

The Moleskine (pronounced mol-a-skeen-a — see wikipedia) seems to be gaining in allure as a personal productivity device. Moleskine claims their notebooks have been used by such people as Picasso and Hemingway (note — the name, however, was not trademarked until 1996 so I’m not sure about these claims) to capture notes, drawings and other ideas.

Some people use their Moleskine to organize their mind maps. Others maintain to-dos or a personal journal in the notebooks. There are also city guide Moleskines, described as “the first guidebook you write yourself,” for such cities as New York, London, Los Angeles and Chicago.

From the New York City Moleskine City Notebook description:

“The Bronx is up the Battery’s down and the Moleskine City Notebook New York has space for everything in between. The Key Map summarizes the overall city layout showing the sequence and location of the 14 zone maps. Map of the subway system and list of stations plus the alphabetical street index of the zone maps. Blank pages for jotting down notes and recording your thoughts stories and memories. 32 removable sheets for loose notes and exchanging messages. 12 translucent sticky sheets for tracing your routes and sharing itineraries. A 96-page tabbed archive for collecting everything that matters most and keeping it at your fingertips. The first 6 tabs are printed; the others await your personalization with the enclosed adhesive labels.”

There are a variety of sizes of moleskine notebooks, including the Pocket Journal with Plain Pages, Moleskine Small Ruled Notebook, and the Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook.

Many who embrace GTD methodologies use a Moleskine as part of their process. While many prefer to capture their data electronically, it can very satisfying to use a decidedly low-tech method of pen and paper. I try to capture as much of my information digitally as possible, to reduce and conserve paper in our offices, but I do find that for planning and mind mapping, I tend to reach for pen and paper.

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For those who can’t be parted with their iPhone or iPod Touch, Wired has a humorous (and serious!) piece on “How To Turn an iPhone into a Moleskine Book.”

For about $10, you can try a Moleskine to see if it is a helpful addition to your GTD tool belt. Everyone has their own unique system for getting things done. Moleskine may be just the solution or addition that you are looking for.

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