Email Marketing

Are your e-mail marketing campaigns or newsletters not reaching your clients? Not making the desired online impression with your electronic communications?

We can get your message delivered for pennies per e-mail address!

  • Safe subscribe & unsubscribe
  • Surveys, coupons and customized reports
  • Real time statistics and much more

Contact Nora at toll-free at 888.779.NORA (6672) or by clicking to learn more or request examples. You can also visit us at Email Marketing VA.

A New Concept in Business Support…

Think of us as an extension of your office staff. We work remotely, but we’re as close as your keyboard, mouse, phone or fax machine. We might as well be in the office next door!

A VA is a virtual office professional that provides excellent off site support when you need it. That means you aren’t paying for a full-time person in your office when you might not need one. You won’t have the expenses associated with a permanent employee like taxes, worker’s compensation, providing work space and equipment or the hassles associated with training and supervision. Contact Nora today at 888.779.NORA (888.779.6672).

Want to do it yourself? Use our research!

Ready to begin, and want to do it yourself? Let our research, experience and certification of proven email newsletter providers help you select the best solution for your business. Visit our Email Marketing Virtual Assistant Services for Newsletters, Blogs and Web Sites page for the comparison.

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