This is a follow up post to my original post entitled “Productivity, Moleskine-style,” dated 7/18/2008.

MoleskineThe popularity of the Moleskine continues to make it an attractive option for those who are interested in GTD methodology, productivity, and analog organization.

As a virtual assistant, I live and work much of my business day in a digital world. Yet I am finding that I do much better when certain components of my tracking and productivity are managed in an analog, rather than digital, fashion.

With money tight for many, productivity seekers are in search of ways to repurpose or take better advantage of existing or low-cost tools. Many are searching for DIY options that can help them cost-effectively manage their time, to-dos and next actions. For a growing number, the Moleskine fills that need.

Moleskine productivity systems that you may find helpful in your own quest

I shared a number of helpful resources in my first blog post, “Productivity, Moleskine-style.” Here are additional resources you may want to add to your review list:

Mike Rohde’s Custom Moleskine Planner on Flickr (the image on this post came from Mike’s Flickr images)

Bill Westerman’s Miquelrius notebook

Hacking a GTD Moleskine

Pocket Diary Moleskine Hack

Moleskine Planner Time Tracker Hack

Receipt Management with a Moleskine Pocket

Yet Another GTD Moleskine Hack (love the name of this blog – “Getting (some) Things Done”)

GTD – The PigPog Method

PigPog PDA: A simplified Moleskine GTD system (via

GTD hack for pocket Moleskine Infobook

Moleskine Notebooks: The Ultimate Guide

Another worthy analog resource for DIY planning

I’ve discovered the fantastic site entitled D*I*Y Planner | The Best Thing In Printing Since Gutenberg.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m discovering that my ultimate productivity system is a combination of both digital and analog components. Many years ago, I invested in a Time Design planner. The company that I was working for at the time was really big on Time Design’s system. I’ve kept the A5 sized planner through the years, using it off and on. Forms for it are expensive (although I’ve discovered through reading the forums at that forms from some other companies are compatible). DIYPlanner has an extensive templates section that has an impressive array of options for printing my own forms. Many of the participants at DIYPlanner have created custom forms, and many share these on the forums, including the original OpenOffice (gotta love open source) Draw files in case you want to make mods meaningful to you. Some links you may want to check out:

DIYPlanner Templates

DIYPlanner Dynamic Templates

DIYPlanner Forums (check out their Going Analog section)

OpenOffice (Mac, Windows & Linux platforms supported)

and those sites I mentioned earlier that are related to and compatible to TimeDesign planner:



Time System

Time Design

Thanks for sharing!

It is gratifying to me to see the number of people who are willingly sharing their personal systems online. As a visual learner, it’s been helpful for me to look at what others find useful as I fine tune my own systems.

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Image “Mike Rohde’s Custom Moleskine Planner” by Flickr user Mike Rohde

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