About our team

Our Business Management and Operations core services include online business management, business operations, project management, customer relationship management, customized e-mail marketing campaigns, social media management, WordPress support, and productivity enhancement.

We recognize the critical role that data plays in driving business success. Our Data Integration Consulting Services are designed to help organizations overcome data fragmentation, enable seamless data connectivity, and unlock the power of unified insights. With our expertise in data integration technologies and strategies, we deliver tailored solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Contact us to learn more.

Nora Rubinoff

AYS Principal and Founder Nora Rubinoff is enthusiastic about architecting business operations solutions that enable clients to make more out of their business day.

Nora is a recipient of the Karen S. House Award for Regional Collaboration as well as the Women of Excellence Award, several state and local government proclamations and holds the IVAA EthicsCheck™ certification. Nora is a past board member for American Lung Association Regional council, IVAA and The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance.

Nora enjoys hiking, biking, camping and is an old VW fanatic.

Eric Rubinoff

AYS Principal and Co-Founder Eric Rubinoff is a solution architect specializing in data integration. He possesses the unique capacity to communicate complex technical attributes into easily understandable concepts that provide true solution differentiation and value. Eric is proficient in a broad range of technologies used in architecting business software, system integration and cloud solutions. He brings both a strategic and tactical view of the role technology plays in organizations, the issues involved and the benefits an organization can expect to gain from its use. Eric has a passion for staying leading edge in technology, enabling him to provide a unique insight for clients and management.

Eric enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and creating electronic music.

About AYS

At Your Service Cincinnati, Ltd. was founded by Nora and Eric Rubinoff with a mission of providing professional and cost-effective solutions for businesses and solopreneurs.

Professional Designations and Awards – Nora Rubinoff

IVAA EthicsCheck certified

Graduate, SEBC Leadership 21

Karen S. House Leadership Award for the Development of Leadership for Regional Collaboration

Jerry Bryan Member of the Year awarded by The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

Graduate, Charles A. Phillips Leadership Institute

Past member, Board of Directors, IVAA

Past board member, American Lung Association Regional Leadership Council

Past board member, The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

Women of Excellence Award recipient

Professional Designations and Awards – Eric Rubinoff

Presidential Awards for consulting efforts

Multiple Top SE quarterly performer

Recognized for innovative product development

Selected as key international presenter for partner community at DACH Summit